New Freebie * Bauklotz -ABC *


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4 Antworten zu “New Freebie * Bauklotz -ABC *”

  1. Nancy P sagt:

    This block alphabet is just amazing! I love the colors and you were so nice to make each one as a separate file so there is no cutting it out of a sheet of them. This will really be great to use. I have two grandchildren that are small and this really will look wonderful on their pages. Thank you so much for this very nice gift! Happy Holidays!

  2. Jeanne sagt:

    adorable, thank you

  3. CindyLou sagt:

    Beautiful alpha. Can’t wait to use it!! Thank you for sharing!

  4. yvonne sagt:

    tolle Sache diese Blocks, bin schon gespannt wie ich die verbastle.
    Vielen LIeben Dank und Grüße!

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